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Thread: Mental Health

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    Mental Health

    A small indicative term for something that can encompass large areas of the human experience.

    When I was a child life was so much less complicated. As I grew older I had more responsibilities, and the world changed as I got older....I had to know more and more things to be successful in a ever changing world.... education has changed, society has changed, the world has changed, politics and laws have changed.

    The word coping comes to mind..... cope with this and that, on to the next thing, crisis, event.

    Stress, money and coping with life..... Maybe lack of money creating stress, leads to having to cope with life on an uneven scale.....

    The lack of money, unable to succeed at certain dreams/goals. The lack of goals/achieving dreams.....

    I have to wonder is the lack of money has anything to do with mental health, maybe because dreams were never made or because life interfered and you choose another way?

    As a society we are all consumed by money and/or the value of money. How does that affect our mental health??

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    Money or rather the necessities and creature comforts that money can afford can cause a great amount of stress, especially in present times. Two recent stats I saw in the news; The richest 26 (don't know why they went with 26) people (people not corporations or families) have as much wealth as the poorest 4 billion people on the planet (that is half the world). The other stat 1 out of every 2 Canadians has less than $200 in savings. The world operates like a monopoly game and we are quickly approaching the end. Likely won't see it in my life time but I'm not expecting our present systems of government, business and economics to last much longer than another 50 years at the most. The governments have created slave labors under the guise of democracy, capitalism, or whatever else you might want to call it. Slowly over the years they have taken away more and more, but it is almost at the tipping point. Too many people with little or nothing to show for their efforts, so why bother at all?
    So yeah, money affects mental health.

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    Good exercise, balanced diet, financial security, good friends and avoid addictive substances.

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    Check your closet..:)
    Quote Originally Posted by licks2nite View Post
    Good exercise, balanced diet, financial security, good friends and avoid addictive substances.
    That's to much like comment sense....we all know where that went.....
    When you are dead, you do not know that you are dead.
    It is the same way when you are stupid.

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    A gentlman farmer once said to me...
    Money will not buy you any happiness .....but it sure fixes an awful lot of problems.

    When I started my place with a saw and axe, I didn't have an awful lot of finances.
    The harder I worked, the more lucky I became.
    I now don't have any worries when it comes to money....I can afford more than I need, but I find I don't need much.
    The human brain will find something to worry about, once you've made that money, or some other success in won't get any sleep because you'll worry about trying to keep what you've earned.

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    Ain't that the truth. You win the lottery and think everything will be fine. But then family and friends begin asking for handouts and using the personal relationship as leverage and it also becomes paranoia for future partners. Are they into you because of just the wealth? And if you then try to hide it, do you worry about not buying a new car or place or nice things because you want people to treat you the same? Will you end up being the victim of a kidnapping scheme? This doesn't have to just be in regards to lottery ianners. Any windfall or inheritance can cause more stress.

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