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Thread: Andre Lorelei - 2 words, Holy F*&$!

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    Andre Lorelei - 2 words, Holy F*&$!

    I am not a wordsmith so no matter what I write here I won’t be able to do justice to the experience that is Andre Lorelei.
    Start with the standard stuff, for the ladies the important part. Contact was easy. Every part of my experience was positive. Rapid reply to the initial contact, very receptive to the new rookie kinky pup on the block. This lady knows how to “listen”. Andre asks questions. There’s a reason for this. She wants you to enjoy your time. Why? Because she very clearly enjoys what she does.
    I may repeat myself but there is one part that has been mentioned in other reviews and it’s true. She has the sexiest, most evil giggle. When she does something to you that makes you twitch with surprise/ delight/ perverse pleasure she will giggle in a way that lets you know she really likes what she does, a lot.
    The Lady: VERY personable. Classy, pure class. Great sense of humour. Looks? Look at her webpage. All real, all legit. Sexy, just oozes sexy. The other reviews are right, beautiful eyes, captivating really. Some cool ink. Inviting face. And for me, the icing on the cake? Her skin. Softer than the finest silk. Literally. I’ve never felt skin so smooth and fine. The next session will be the sensual type, I need to feel that skin again/ more.
    The place: upscale place. Clean. Private. Not a dungeon. I’m not that experienced in the kink/ bdsm lifestyle, Andre doesn’t seem to need a traditional dungeon for her type of Domme touch. I think she suggested that one was an option to rent, I didn’t see the point. If you need visuals, she is all you need to visual. If the physical is why you are reading this, read on.
    I said I’m new to this. The learning curve is steep here. There’s no messing about once the ball has started rolling. A brief inspection, and bend over, the warm up begins. I’m not getting into full on details. I will say some time was spent making me comfortable while testing my limits. Andre is very perceptive. When you twitch she notices. After a giggle or two she will return to that twitch spot as it pleases her. She pointed out that I’m a bit of a “squirmer”. You’d squirm too. Now this is where we get back to why to the answer questions part. She asks because you get to a point where addressing your particular kink requests are granted. If you don’t ask you don’t get. Well I got.
    My prostate might never be the same. Oh get over it, just try it.
    I got to level 2 on the sounding thing. You don’t get a 1000 xp points for level 2 sounding. Your eyes might pop out of your head, but you get no points. Gentle, caring, clean and very attentive. I was blindfolded for round 1. Round one was over. Blindfold off. Watching over 6 inches of sounding rod #2 disappear into the tip of my cock was a sight I won’t soon forget. Andre enjoys this so obviously. “Watch, it will just drop right in” giggle. Makes me shudder. That giggle. Oh man.
    Then the show stopper. Needle play. Nope, not your Grannys knitting needles. These are the type that go on the end of a syringe. Yes they are big. Yes they really, really hurt. I did scream on the second or third one. I said “oh fuck” a lot tonight. Sometimes loud, sometimes just oh fuck. I was blindfolded for some time. That time between when she’s with you and doing something, then, she’s at her little table of torture picking her next method of devious pleasure is almost agonizing. Oh fuck comes to mind often when you hear the giggle, and sense her approach. You feel her touch and you figure out what’s next. Oh fuck.
    Finally, I’m 50. I’ve had good sex. One of the orgasms I had tonight was more powerful than anything I’ve ever experienced before. No bullshit. This lady is Hot.
    Do yourself a favour. If you are into the kinkier stuff, go see her. If you like pure natural beauty, this is the girl for you. I WILL repeat and very clearly recommend.

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    Natural beauty? Hairy legs on a woman is a deal breaker for me.

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    No idea where you got the idea of hairy legs. Certainly not the case. Andre was immaculately maintained for my time with her. To me “natural beauty” means minimal makeup and still looks sexy AF.

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    Lots of hairy leg pics under black stockings in ad pics. But VincentD says shaved legs, then that's good!

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