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Thread: Happy Times with Vivian @ VIP 😎😎😎 👍👍👍

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    Happy Times with Vivian @ VIP 😎😎😎 👍👍👍

    Had a great time with Vivian today. Was pleasent,y surprised that VIP had a new girl already and thanks to hotwinter for posting a poisitive review.

    Booking was a breeze the evening before and I was the first guest of the day. Vivian is here for the first time and she is a fantastic provider. Kudos to VIP for bringing this gem to the Peg. We are such a small market compared to Clgy, Tor or Van cities and she certainly impressed me today. Since i last saw Haruko, Vivian was perhaps the best I have seen in the recent times (no disrespect to Seven And Orange).

    IMHO, Vivian is very pretty, around 23 and speaks very good english even though she is very new to Canada. She provided a shower routine that parallels Haruko, sloooow and easy and not rushed like some of the recent girls i have seen.

    Vivian has a very nice figure, smooth silky skin and very nice boobs for a korean girl (go easy as she is ticklish). The ad says naturals and after detailed examinations i think it is true although they do marvelous things with plastic surgery out there. Light DFK very good bbbj and bls skills and add to the mutiple position until i finally popped made it a great friday. As always, YMMV. Thanks VIP, keep it coming. I would give her 9.5 all around and a definite repeat. Treat her well folks.

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    I agree. Had a fantastic time with Vivian.
    She is very pretty with a great body and silky smooth skin. She greeted me warmly with some kissing, which is always a nice way to start.
    The shower was fun including a great bbbj. Her skills in the bedroom are top notch. She has a very pleasant personality and is eager to please.
    I highly recommend seeing her!

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