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Thread: Emily and Geoff Wild

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    Emily and Geoff Wild

    Good afternoon folks, readers, researchers, and everybody else I didn't mention. Recently I have been watching Leolist and have seen ads for Geoff and Emily. I was very hesitant to send an email as any providers I have seen in the past have left a number to text listed. Emailing them seemed odd, but I was to enticed with the pictures on there ad( link at the bottom of this post)

    Before I ever see any SP I like to do my research so I have a good idea of what I am getting into. Unfortunately I was unable to find any reviews on this board, or really any other information about these two people, but I had a desire for a threesome, and a good feeling from exchanging emails with Emily so I decided to proceed. They have a nice little spot in the city, it is an older building but clean and in a decent neighbourhood. Inside the place was clean and neat.

    Geoff is a charismatic person who knows how to have fun and make you feel comfortable. Emily is a smoke show!!! Very pretty face, tight little body, and a great pair of tits. Like I said earlier Emily and I had exchanged emails over the last couple of days to make arrangements. Communication was clear, but also sweet in nature.

    Once I arrived Geoff showed me to the room where all the magic happens, and we all got to sit and chat for a bit while we sipped on a drink. I felt as if we all got along quite well, and where able to be comfortable very quickly. Geoff and Emily got undressed and started the fun while I sat on a couch and watched this tiny little brunette have some fun with her man. It was amazing to watch her in action, and to see her get Geoff rock hard. This is where I was invited to come join in and start playing (as Emily and I had discussed how I would like things to start). I won't go into much more detail about our adventure, but I will say that this girl smells great, looks fabulous, tastes like candy, and is tight. After a few positions I couldn't hold my load any longer and filled up the rubber I had on.

    After Geoff and I both had blown our loads, we all got to sit and chat. I was privileged enough to get some insight as to who these people are, and I will say that I found them to be very interesting and enjoyable people to have as company. All and all these two people are real, and showed me a great time today. A great way to end the week and to warm up on such a cold day.

    In conclusion, communication was easy and clear. Pictures are accurate, and I tell you she is hot if you like a tight little spinner with a nice pair of tits. Personality was a 10 for me, and service was a 10 as well. I know this will vary from person to person, but I truly enjoyed myself today and I will definitely be repeating. $$$$ for the hour which included cbj, and daty. I like that they are safe providers, and truly enjoyed being with them today.

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    Great review, Nikon! Thanks for posting.

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    Sounds fun. This is definitely on my list to try.

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    Was Dp on the menu?

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    No it was not.

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    Sounds like a great evening. Might have to send them a message for myself.

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    They are definitely worth visiting. He is very accommodating and breaks the ice taking the lead with her. She is incredibly sexy. Definitely a spinner with great bolt ons. Very tight smooth kitty. Didn't have a chance to partake in daty this time as she spent her time working me over with an incredible cbj, doggy and finish with her on top bouncing her tiny body on me. Great time. Highly recommend. L9 S10 A10

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    I hang around at high end swing clubs like Trapeze down in Florida, and even rough it here at home at Aquarius waiting hours and even days for a sharing couple to walk in. But it is rare to have such an amazing couples experience as I had tonight with Geoff and Emily. They are both totally Wild, extremely friendly, and sexy.

    I was greeted at the door by Geoff who’s cool attitude and friendly smile put me right at ease. Then I walked in the room where Emily was waiting kneeling on the bed in the cutest little halter bra and panties. Her smile is incredible, and melted me right from the get go! She is tiny with amazing enhancements. A perfect 10 for my preferences, and more 10’s across the board for service, attitude, and fun. They were very active and changed positions every few minute to keep it interesting. I will definitely repeat.

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    I just finished a repeat with Geoff and Emily, and I am astounded how good they made me feel After I had an incredibly tough month. They both gave me warm hugs, and Their attitude made it feel just as if I was being greeted by my closest friend or family members! Geoff was amazing making suggestions all the time To Emily who happily oblige both of our wishes. I can’t say strong enough words to describe her, she is so very incredibly sweet,her smile Melted me again,
    And to use an old Phrase.... she is to die for.

    They are such an amazing couple together, and often times as a hobbyist I will go see someone incredible for a second time and somehow it’s not quite as good, or it’s exactly the same service as the time before. Well my second visit to Geoff and Emily just took it to another level of my last visit’s triple OMG’s. I’m going to be going to bed tonight with a huge smile on my face, and still feeling their warmth and friendliness in my heart.

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