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Thread: SP Recommendations

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    SP Recommendations

    Coming to the downtown Vancouver area for a few days and was wondering if there was any recommendations on some SPs to check out? Prefer the MILF types but any recommendations would be appreciated!

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    A bit more details would be helpful. When you say MILF Type - what age range do you have in mind? Seems the idea of MILF can start in early 30’s and go up from there.

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    Adelaide is a beautiful MILF
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    The best MILFS are in Surrey!

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    Sweet Adelaide Jones would definitely be considered a beautiful SP and a young MILF.
    Sydney Taylor might also fit that category if you like them short.

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    Vienna 8911 in surrey
    Maya west
    Erica phoenix if she is in town

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamasianman View Post
    Vienna 8911 in surrey
    Maya west
    Erica phoenix if she is in town
    Thanks for the mention doll!

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    Abby Ryds is also a young milf with downtown incall. Absolutely stellar service and a great person to boot.

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