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    Question squirter-redhotleanne

    Hi to all

    Does anyone have a review of leanne (redhotleanne) she's in her early 40's with a nice body and can squirt. I would like to know what the donation is. I have tried to e-mail her but with no response as yet.

    Does anyone out there know of any other squirters in the biz

    thx for all your help

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    Red face Leanne / squirters


    You're a newbie, so I'll explain how this works very carefully. In the upper right hand of the page, there is a button called "search". Press it. You can search by a keyword, such as "squirt" or by the ecort's name - "Leanne". You'll probably find at least a half dozen posts about Leanne!

    Happy hunting!

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    thx willy for the info

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    Smile ur welcome

    glad to be of service!

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    Have a look at her web site

    Good stuff!!

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    Yes, this is a must if you have never experienced a splash. All I can say, is that last week I came out of her place feeling like I just drove my car over a fire hydrant. WOW, what an experience. No need to explain what happened to me, it was pretty much a mirror image to everyreview I have read on her. Long story short, young girls have nothing on Cougars.


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    Re: Multiple squirts?

    Originally posted by DynamiteKid
    Jerry how much time did she need to squirt? We've heard of multiple shots on goal, this woman could be a multiple squirts on goal. A 2cum or 3cum woman. Do you think she "warms" up right before someone arrives, right up to the doorbell ringing?
    The first time I saw Leanne she squirted at least 6 times. It only took about 3 or 4 minutes for the first one and then they came (no pun intended) about a minute or so apart. I've seen her a couple of time since then but only got her to squirt about 3 or 4 times.

    Like everyone else says, what she lacks in youth she more than makes up for in attitude and performance. Go with a good attitude and treat her like a lady and you will be more than rewarded.

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    She squirted about 7-8 times. As everyone so far has experienced the wine and the kissing, I too was allowed a little DATY. Again, if you're not expecting the water fall, watch out !!! You're chowing down, next thing you know there is a slight tremor and woosh, instantly the whole session takes a different turn. Before that happens it seems like any other session, but as soon as the first splash happens, it turns dirty, and I mean "Good Dirty". She then went cowgirl and super soaked me another 3 times. THen just before we went doggie I dined from behind and was doused again( never second guess horizontal rain). Went doggie and was blasted 3 more times, but I noticed on the last release during doggie a couple of pussy farts came out at the tail end of the stream (just an observation but probably the tanks were getting a little low on jet fuel). The topper was when I finished her mish and I was on the last straight away seeing the checkered flag when all of a sudden I thought the radaitor cap blew off because there was just an huge explosion of fluid that came from down under. Not to sound like a chick, but man I almost melted right then and there. That was probably the dirtiest I've ever had it. After that it takes yet another turn as you are now feeling quite odd becuase you have about 2 litres of clam juice (sorry no Caesars) on yourself and it starts to get cold. Other than that, it is quite and experience.


    PS - Goggles are a must.

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    It was only supposed to be 1/2 hr. but there was the wine, the conversation, the kissing, the daty, the cowgirl, the dining at the Y, the doggie, the mish, and the 2 litre hose down. I have no idea about time. But can't complain.


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    What is squirting capacity of a big squirter?

    Thanks for the info Jerry. Some of us have never experienced all this squirting. Just what exactly is the physical capacity or volume of female squirting? I know that you didn't have a measuring flask with you, but please guesstimate for us. Was a squirt like a big squirt from a hypodermic needle - 40 MilliLitres (don't ask me why I picked that example) or were the squirt sessions like squirting from a giant opened champagne bottle - 250 milliLitres. Break it down for your attentive audience.
    I went to the webpage but it didn't list how big this woman is.

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    It is kind of hard to measure the volume that she let's go, but I would hazzard to say that we are looking at something like a small water balloon. It does not come out like a needle it comes out more all the lines of a small super soaker. Or when you have a spray gun on a garden hose and you turn the tap off and you have that residual amount of water and pressure in the line. Well that is it. I really don't know where the resevoir for her is, but I am certain it is not her bladder.

    She does offer 1/2 sessions for 7 greens.


    Try her out and let me know how it went.

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    Age & rates?

    I've searched for threads about her on here & there seems to be a variance of ages for her. Some people are saying that she's in her 30s, some are saying she's in her 40s & some are saying she's in her 50s?! Now that's a big variance in age, don't you think? What do you think guys (of those that have been with her?) A 30ish y.o. woman is definitely younger looking than a 50ish y.o. woman?

    Also, how much is it for an hour now? Last time I saw it was a brown, a red & a green? Is that still the case?
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    Boy this is really taking one for team. Anyway, she is more of a bobcat 50. The years have been pretty good to her. She is about 5'6"and she is not heavy. She is in good shape for being 50 and must be in the 125 range. She is no Cindy Sixx, but probably her attitude and general demenor put her in a class of her own.


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