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Thread: Amy Daniela Review

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    Amy Daniela Review

    All right you pooners, I am going to share some info but you have to promise you won't use it. ��
    Just came back from my umpteenth session with Amy 5419 and once again, my mind is blown. This lady epitomizes what an escort should be. Beautiful, personable, professional, smoking hot and down to earth. She does GFE to the max and makes you feel like an amazing guy even though you know you are playing out of your league. I am humbled to be in the presence of this lady. She is stunning, both physically and mentally. Definitely my ATF. If I could describe my perfect woman, this is as close as it gets.
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    Yes, absolutely. I back up everything said above.

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    She's awesome. I was lucky enough to have a duo with her and Sinful Sara twice. Amazing

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