Friday July 12th 6pm-10pm (Dtwn Vancouver only)
Saturday July 13th OFF
Sunday July 14th OFF
Monday July 15th 7pm-10pm
Tuesday July 16th 9am-9pm
Wednesday July 17th 9am-1230pm (Dtwn Vancouver only)
Thursday July 18th 9am-11am
Friday July 19th 9am-11am & 4pm-10pm
Saturday July 20th 10am-10pm
Sunday July 21st 10am-10pm
Monday July 22nd 9am-11am
Tuesday July 23rd 9am-9pm
Wednesday July 24th 9am-1pm
Thursday July 25th OFF
Friday July 26th 9am-11am & 4pm-10pm
Saturday July 27th 10am-10pm
Sunday July 28th 10am-10pm

All sessions must be prebooked in advance.
If you try to catch me for a same day session, please give at least 3 hours notice.
$50 deposit payable by E-transfer or Amazon Gift Card is required if we have not already met.
I do not respond to text messages if more than an hour has passed, unless you give me permission, for your own privacy and discretion.
No app or VOIP numbers. You must use a real number or email to contact me.