Well this sunday I was near the place so i wanted to see Jade, but apparently she dosent work sundays, so being near by the place i thought might as well try someone eles and see how it goes, and if I dont like her I can just leave after the basic (I say this all the time but allways end up blowing more then i should and being pissed at my self later for it).
Well Kitt came to the door so I went with her, and after a shower and her entering the room, she asked who I had seen before, I said Jade twice, and then she began the BEST massage I have ever had.

I wont say much because details are best left out. the cost was for a FS and the FS was good, but what really truly impressed me was just how god dam erotic her massage was, a small detail I will give. She used her body on mine.

It was not rushed, and hands down BEST massage EVER! As for looks she is definetly a 7.8, service a 10 attitude 10.

I definetly recommend seeing her.
Has anyone eles seen her?
Dont know anything about any of the other girls at Deja Vu, but for Jade and Kitt? jade takes my all time best looking MP (Into asians) and Kitt my all best MP for service.
Only complaint with thier studio is location and small tables.