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Thread: Sensual Jen is Edmonton's hidden treasure and I am coming back for more!

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    Thumbs up Sensual Jen is Edmonton's hidden treasure and I am coming back for more!

    I recently spent some time in Edmonton and I happen to see Sensual Jen at her convenience incall. All I can say is, you guys in Edmonton are such lucky bastards! I found Jen’s pricing and menu to be through the roof, in other words, if I lived in Edmonton, I would see her at least once or twice a week.

    Jen’s pictures do not do her justice, she looks just like her profile, her skin is so smooth and when she greeted me at the door wearing a lacy bra and panties, my johnson came to immediate attention. After some chit chat, Jen was eager to give me an amazing kiss on my manhood to get things going, needless to say I had to concentrate not lose my load so soon, it was the combination of her skills and eye contact that made me beg her to slow down. LOL Time stood still as my hour long session was full of playing with each other’s bodies and boy, does Jen have a killer body, however I should mention her beautiful face and eyes will make you fall in love with her.

    As always, YMMV, however I believe I am lucky as I alway come freshly showered, plus I am always respectful to when I meet such a beautiful SP like Sensual Jen, which in my opinion makes my session incredible for both parties involved.

    Thank you Jen for a session I will always remember, you make me want to move to Edmonton. Unfortunately that won’t happen, however I do plan more visits to your awesome city, because you are there.

    I hope you guys in Edmonton realize how lucky you are to have such beautiful woman like Sensual Jen in your neighbourhood. I will see you in the new year darling!
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