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Thread: Genevieve?

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    Anyone have info info on this lady. Posts on LL. Lots of views but can’t find a review?

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    I seen here a while back she changed her name. This lady is from the East coast. Nice natural body and I had no complaints good bj. Fun with lots of possitoons. But you can get the same at Boa for $220

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    Thanks bro. Does she do Bbbj or just Cbj? I checked out BOA and the lineups looking pretty weak. Bunch of older 150-200 pounders. I’m sure some guys are into that but not really my cup of Tea.

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    Has anyone heard what happened to Genevieve?
    Have not seen her posts in a long time

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    I am curious about this one too. Is that her ad up currently as Kim? the red outfit and age look familiar?

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    Kim had an ad up around the same time as Genevieve so I don’t think so

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    No, that ad featuring Kim, is not Genevieve islander1-1. I had the pleasure to meet with Miss Genevieve a few months back, when I invited her to my studio. As she was new to Nanaimo and could use a friend and some tips. Pleasant and genuine woman. I am not for certain where she is now, but I suggest if she returns that you welcome her back and treat her well.

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