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Thread: There are some things money can't buy. Elsi Dawson isn't one of them.

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    There are some things money can't buy. Elsi Dawson isn't one of them.

    GFE sessions
    $200hh incall, $300h incall, $350h outcall
    The standard issue session. If you're new to the scene or you're just looking for a bit of full-service company, come share a drink and have some attention paid to you.

    PSE sessions
    For when you want something a little more 'I wish my wife would ______.' Perhaps you've been meaning to try Greek, get pegged, or have a threesome with your partner or one of mine. Do you have an interest in whips and chains (or, more accurately, floggers and cuffs)? If you think water polo is only technically a watersport, I'm open to hearing about the session you've been dreaming of.
    Safety comes first in all sessions. For varsity-level sex, we'll spend a few minutes talking about best practices, hard limits, and safe words. Like Mama Dawson always said, if you're not ready to talk about the kind of sex you want to have, you're probably not ready to have it.

    Cuddling sessions
    Let's turn the lights down, put on our favourite tunes, and get to some pillow talk.

    Pants On In Public dates
    $150h + Expenses
    Maybe you're in town and just want someone to join you for a burger and beer, mutually brag about our accomplishments this week, or compare podcast subscriptions. While I can be great company, I'm the first person to tell you I'm not the right companion for a black tie dinner. But I'd be willing to embarrass myself at a Trivia Night or steal the show at karaoke.

    Introducing yourself with your name, your age, where you're from, what you do, and what you look like tells me that you've read my ad and you know the kind of mess you're getting yourself into. None of these details are eliminating factors, but they give me an idea of who I'm talking to. Which makes me better at my job. Which makes you happier. Which makes me happier.

    I'd like to know a little bit about the kind of session you're looking for, so have that in mind.

    I generally book a day or two out, so scheduling ahead is key.

    I have three hundred reasons to not turn you away, but please don't surprise me with anything on a first date. If there's something you think might come up during our date, let me know in advance. If you'd like to bring toys, if you have a medical condition I should know about, if your sexual interests are a bit off the beaten path, or if you lack experience with either paid encounters or any sexual encounters--tell me up front and we'll be right as rain.

    I'm the only person who works here. I do all of my own scheduling, cleaning, marketing, fucking, and I still have a life on top of all that. Please contact me via text or email so I can get back to you when I have a second. You'll be delighted to know that I mute all of my alerts while I'm in session, so it might be a few hours before I can reply to you. If you texted me more than two hours ago, I might not reply to you as to not arouse your SO to your hobbying. A good way to tell if I'll reply to your text promptly is by checking my Leolist ad. If it's freshly bumped, I'm working on admin and I've got my phone at the ready.

    When you're ready to peak sexually, I can be reached by text at (604) 401-1366 or by email at [email protected]. I'm happiest to hear from you between 8am and 10pm.

    "Elsi is sexy as hell, a kind person, fully confident, funny and engaging. Although I am not a Sub, I can only imagine she would be an awesome dom if that is your cup of tea." November 2016

    "Elsi is a gem, a super friendly, funny, beautiful girl who gave me an unforgettable hour of sexual pleasure laced with her wit and sharp sense of humor. She is odd but in a sweetly way." July 2017

    "I read in her reviews that she is a good kisser and she sure did not disappoint me. I have to say her BJ skills are remarkable." May 2017

    "Incredible oral skills had me near begging for mercy, and her focus on the experience meeting my expectations was a change from other providers I have seen." August 2017

    "We bonded over glasses of wine before making out and getting naked. Hilarity and hedonism ensued." July 2017

    "I find Elsi very unconventionally beautiful. As a bonus, she's even prettier in person than she is in her pictures. We had much great conversation. Elsi is whip smart and funny as hell." March 2018

    "She oozes pure attractiveness in the way that she thinks and expresses herself. So even before I met her in person the anticipation was building. She does not disappoint on any front." May 2018

    "Making the appointment with Elsi was easy and humourous and I found myself sitting in a cafe the day before reading up on her as well as looking at her leolist ad. I told her it was almost like an act of public indecency and man did it feel good." July 2018

    "Elsi is amazing. She’s super smart, fun to chat with and super sexy! You can tell she likes her job and takes great pride in being amazing at it." August 2018

    If you're interested in picking my brain or you just want to see what happens when someone else does, go to my blog where I rant and rave without moderation. Am I going to add more conventional features to the site to be like all the other ladies with their lingerie pics and the wish lists and stuff? Probably. But if you haven't noticed by now, I'm really bad at following convention.

    For those who exist on the Twitterverse, come follow me around the internet @ElsiDawson where I like pictures of puppies and babes on beaches and, once in a blue moon, add my own quip or snappy one-liner to the void. If you're the kind of stranger seeking candid nudes and selfies, you'll have at least an evening's worth of entertainment there.

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    Programming note: For those who sent me emails since October, I had broken my wrist and, while everything else got back up and running, I dropped the email ball. I'm going to be binning everything that was sent to me, but if you're still interested in getting some Elsi but you didn't hear back from me via email, try again. You can just reply to the email you sent. I'm forgiving myself my email debt and starting fresh. It's what Jesus would have wanted.

    In the afternoon/evenings of February 21 and 22, I'm offering $500 GFE incall duos with my Whore Baby in Training Kit Slater. She's also learning some of the dark Domme arts from me, but that's an extra. She does look great in her crotchless latex panties and corset combo... February 24th and 25th, I've got the handsome and deliciously hung Owen Quinn coming over so we can do some MFM sessions. Don't tell him I said that thing about him being hung.

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