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Thread: Newb Looking for help

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    Newb Looking for help

    New to the perb world, but looking for some assistance.

    I’ve got a buddy coming in to town (Vancouver) in a couple of weeks, and we are looking for some company from an sp who’d be into MMF play.

    Any recommendations? He wants a trip to Greece, I want to be blown while he’s in the beach. Would also be nice to both in her mouth at the same time.

    Apologies if I’ve posted in the wrong section.

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    Jess Lis Lee and Kinky Katey

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    Quote Originally Posted by stressless123 View Post
    Jess Lis Lee and Kinky Katey
    Thank-you for the recommendation

    Special Sexy Party For Valentine’s Day!
    I *Finally* finish school in 2020 Unfortunately that will likely mean early retirement for me, it’s been so fun, thank-you ladies and gentlemen.

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    Hi all, I figure I’d post in this thread instead of start my own. Im new to PERB, I have been to a few mp’s, but thats about it. No experience with escorts. I was turned away by WCAngels because I have no references and just wondering if anybody can direct me where to start. Looking for gfe.

    Also I am under the age range for most escorts I have seen on here, sadly.

    Any help would be great!

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    If you are too young, wait a few year and try again. Lafies don't like possible immature clients or the chance of you knowing someone in their social circle.

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