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Thread: Failed Seduction Tale

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    Failed Seduction Tale

    I used to work with a woman who was part of the IT department. Almost everyone hated her. She was a chubby, had a bad temper and usually blamed other IT people, or end users when something went wrong. She was difficult to deal with, but I could usually disarm and charm her, and managed to get extra attention for my department, when others couldnít even find her, or get her to respond to requests for help. We even flirted a bit, although it was very minor.

    Sometimes I gave her a lift home late at night as it was on my way. She didnít talk much, but we were civil.

    One night, on her day off, she asked me to stop in on the way home to pick up some hardware I needed for an out-of-town trip. I didnít think much about it until I arrived, and she opened the door (this was around midnight) and she was in a robe, and the place had a lot of candles burning.At first, I thought it was to cover up the smell of cat poop from her two pets.

    She invited me in, and offered some wine. I finally clued in, and decided to see where it would go. She left, came back with some wine and the robe was open enough to see she was wearing lingerie. Two things to know about me - I am not a fan of lingerie, and chubby girls are not a turn on ( even the big boobs donít do it for me).

    However - it was late, and opportunity was knocking, so things progressed. Hands mover, things moved and I eventiually went down on her. She made no attempt to go down on me. Iím not sure she would have even known what to do, as it was obvious she was very inexperienced.

    I proceeded to enter her (with no condom), which was foolish on her part, but I assumed she was almost virginal, so somewhat less irresponsible on my part. It still bothered me, though.

    Unfortunately, at the time I had a girl friend at home (who this woman knew about), and I really wasnít interested in this woman. After a few perfunctory thrusts, I decided I simply didnít want to be there. I knew it wasnít very good for either of us to pursue this, so pulled out of the situation in more ways than one.

    Might not have been very gallant, and she probably felt insulted, but appearance wise, and sexually my girlfriend was far superior to what was being offered, so I felt no desire to complete what we'd started.

    The incident was never mentioned again at work, and shortly thereafter she and another IT guy got together, and nerdvana was achieved for them both.

    Anyone have any tales of failed seduction?
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    Even though this girl doesn't sound very attractive, it still sounds like a pretty cool adventure to me! I've never enjoyed sex in that kind of situation before where a girl has invited you over, with an excuse, in order to blatantly seduce you. Since the story isn't going around work or getting back to the GF, sounds like a situation of 'no harm, no foul'.

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