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Thread: Looking for very mature provider

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    Looking for very mature provider

    Hey guys. Have this strange fantasy/kink. Looking for a very mature (old) provider....65_75 yo.
    Anybody help me out.

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    Marie in Nanaimo. Says she's 51. But Id say in person she's early to mid 60's.

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    Thanks. I have been to see her and I agree with you about her age. Looking for someone different if I can find it.

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    Gayle on LL or Boa is 55 and quite good at many activities. Mature and knows what she is doing. Nice clean tidy incall. pm me for details if you like. Seen her a few times.

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    I don't agree that Marie looks 70. She's about 53. I have seen her for three years. Never disappointed. Her personal hygiene is excellent and her massage studio always in good order. She gives a good massage and charges a nominal fee. She's a friendly gal and really enjoys her job. Her bj's are the best I ever had. I will keep going back. I've tried other SP's on the Island......they just don't have it in my opinion. Cheers,

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    Take a look at Janine at Black Orchid Agency. Says she is 64, looks good in her photos.

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    Try Janine at BOA she is 63 but has a great body

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    Anyone know where Janine from BOA went? Shes not on their site anymore.

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    Janine is under the Friends of BOA button at the top of their page. She is in Ladysmith

    Cheers, Bill

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    Gayle and Beverley are good bets

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    I haven't tried her but Arlene Fenn is now back on the scene:

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    There is one in Vancouver. Must be late 60s-70s saw her posts on LL while I was over there but did not partake

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