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Thread: Anyone see either one of these girls?

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    Anyone see either one of these girls?

    Both want a deposit to book. Im thinking scam...but would like to know if anyone has seen either one.

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    The first two are for sure fake news. I saw Miss Mia a while back and she did an ok job. Didn't repeat mostly because she didn't have an incall and she insisted her friend be present in the truck. We parked just out of town and her friend went for a walk while Mia gave me a decent bj. Put on a hat and fucked her against my truck. This was NOT my classiest moment.

    Looks younger than she is if that's your thing... Good looking for a native chick - oops I mean "Latino/Hispanic" lol Nice body, shaved, tight.

    It looks like she has an incall location now... I'll probably go to pound-town with her but this time not in the fuck-truck.

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    Ya i figured they were fake. Thanks for the reviews.

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