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Thread: Warning to Providers: Nelle's Very Bad Date Experience Posted on LL

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    Warning to Providers: Nelle's Very Bad Date Experience Posted on LL

    I saw Nelle had updated her ad on LL with a report of a mugging while on an outcall.

    Just in case her ad disappears, I've archived it for providers future reference. Please stay safe, providers and clients alike!

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    Thins is definitely a risky hobby for both clients and SPs. That is why I don’t mind the sceeening requirements when I see a SP for first time because I realize their safety is important. I hope she recovers from this injury without any long term term problems. This is sad and disgusting for someone to do that.

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    I hope she went to the police.
    The Maryland is called the Scaryland for a reason, a shithole place in a shithole area.
    Two hands helping do more good than a thousand hands clasped in prayer

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    I normally don't comment on threads but I am definitely going to take the time to voice in on this one.

    In this business screening and doing our homework is such an important tool for us, so things like this don't happen and sometimes its unfortunate that they do.

    To those gentlemen that get disappointed due to our screening requirements, perhaps reading this should be an insight on what could happen. Safety should always be our main priority. I can not emphasize enough how important safety is for us and especially on the client side of things as well.

    Nelle, I am so sorry to hear what had happened and wish you the best in your recovery.

    Stay safe,

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    Well said Riley!

    I agree too, that get the police involved when things go south like this. At the very least, if we keep updating this board with issues we see, we can quash some of this shitty activity out and keep the scene fun and safe like it should be.

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    Hello , everyone.
    This is nelle . I am using an outdated account. ( Actually before this happened I was in the process of trying to get back in with the perb community and wanting to become a paid advertiser ) However things did take somewhat a turn for the worse and it may take me a few weeks to get back if I do into this hobby .

    I did just make a new account under my actual professional name however it takes 24 hours I guess to reply. So I'm actually risking being banned from here for replying and I'm hoping the mod will understand why the urgency in this .

    I thank the gentleman that have messaged me this morning , offered me any support as we as show the bravery enough to even share their experiences of being robbed . It's unfortunate that there even has to be other stories.
    I posted on Leo's list because I know how public it is . I think what was most scary about this was the fact the man over the phone sounded completely normal and legit . I was somewhat weary being that it was the econolodge on notre dame and Maryland . However being that it is close to a major hospital, I didn't listen to my inner instinct and was focused more on that then the fact this hotel too is right beside a bar where I've heard weekly stabbings take place .
    Also , as Riley was very smart to point out regarding the screening process . Sometimes it can be a pain in the behind for some gentlemen to have to give their room number , first or last name or even have to give another sp name for a reference. These are done usually done for our safety so this kind of thing does not happen. I on the other hand did get the room number and name but couldn't get an answer at the front desk . So that was my personal error .

    It was two gentlemen and a girl . I do believe they were high on meth and I was not only terrified that I was either going to get stabbed or my face slashed up but the hit to the face because at first I refused to give up my phone was enough to send me to the emergency room having to be on pain killers and having to pay plastics a visit yesterday at hsc to see if I needed surgery . I am happy to say I don't . My face is fine and my bruising is clearing up .
    The mental aftermath is taking longer and I am only currently speaking to guys I've known so well I consider friends , guys I've seen before and board members. I am not taking appointments ( this isn't an advertising tactic) just saying how this has effected me .

    I do believe these people will make this a trend . That's why I posted this on Leo's list . I would not like to hear of another one of our local or traveling girls go through this . Just the remaining emotions of shame , anger are enough but gratitude that I could of ended up worse . So please ladies be careful . As for the gentlemen this has been a problem for awhile for you guys. It always made me sad that this happens and we'll now I know how you feel

    I think though . That Winnipeg is still a great city . That there are still amazing locals , amazing travelers and amazing guys . Sites like Leo's list etc . I still have had the opportunity to meet great men . So we have to just remain resilient and have faith in our local advertising sites etc . Why let a few people who I'm sure karma ( that's the hippie wild child in me ) will have a plan for . As much as I have disdain for those people, I hope that they one day realize the life path they are living and save themselves but getting off the meth

    The boards are still the safest place to advertise though and for both hobbyist and sp, stick to your screening . I whole heartly agree

    Thank you near and far for putting this up here as my post will get lost once it gets bumped down . That was very thoughtful.

    This had been reported and they police said they will look into it . They were quite nice however they mentioned that they too are so overwhelmed by calls they receive by meth related incidents that if I even do hear anything it will take awhile .

    And I did pm mod as to either switch this account over or please understand as to why I had to comment.

    I hope and wish all of you a safe and happy day .

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    No worries Nelle. It's the least I can do to help out. So sorry this happened to you, but thanks for being brave enough to share your story. I hope your healing gives you new strength and you can keep that positivity!

    Mb Mod, I hope you keep Nelle's post up as a fair warning. Thanks. we

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    Much appreciated. I was thinking this yesterday while running errands . While this post made me think anyways. This is just my hypothesis. That the men ( hobbyists ) have been getting a lot more careful and you don't hear of them being robbed so much as it was last year the year before that maybe, hopefully I'm wrong but maybe they will start targeting ladies. I mean thinking from a addicts standpoint not only did they get their hands on my phone which was locked thank god and was reported stolen so it's serial number now is blacklisted . Im sure it's some dealers hands though as it probably was sold . They got their hands on I think I had at least 450 in my wallet . I forgot I had that money in my purse . My mistake. But really why should I have to worry about how much money I decide to carry .
    So I mean it was a pretty lucrative ploy that played out.

    Still this should not scare any of the girls hopefully. My part was and I always hear and see this " I didn't listen to my inner voice saying don't go " and I took a chance and didn't screen as I usually do .
    You and Riley hit it on the nail. In the previous post regarding safety and how to prevent things like this so there is no need for me to post any of that ☺. Again it was very smart and nice of you near and far and your looking put for the pooning community.

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