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Thread: Chinese Massage

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    Chinese Massage

    Does anyone know if of any Chinese Massage Parlor that is covered by Sunlife or insurance?

    Or any massage that offers insurance recipt with good looking girls and undrape?
    They donít have to offer extras.


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    You're delusional, MrBlack. You really think you're going to get a rub n tug covered by Only RMT's can orovide a receipt and they are professional massage therapist s who abide by a strict code of ethics. Go down to 5th Street and see if one of the Asian girls will guve you a receipt. Send it to Sunlife and let us know how that works out for you.��

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    Some MP ladies are also registered massage therapists (I know for a fact), so they can provide you with a receipt. One lady I saw in Van a few years ago who worked out of her home was also an RMT and would provide receipts only to regular clients - since she had to put her government issued name on it. I did Massage/FS with her.

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    When I was in Edmonton this summer, there were a few RMT's that offered extras... nothing like a free rub and tug!
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    I agree with golden . Went to a few rmt in edmonton that offered extras.

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