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Thread: Bamboo SPA?

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    Bamboo SPA?

    Mill Bay area chinese massage.. im interested could anyone PM me with info. Please PM only.. I just ask because she doesn't post under Female Massage on LL.

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    Just forewarning.. providers know about perb and change their habits when outed by review.. especially when they advertise on therapeutic only.

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    I would appreciate a PM about this provider also.

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    I would appreciate a PM also.

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    Add me to the list

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    I would appreciate any info as well. Heading that way in week or so.

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    add me to the list as well baby

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    I would appreciate a pm as well pls

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    I googled the address; it’s in a 50+ gated retirement community.
    Don’t bother pm-ing me anymore.

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    So now that we know it's a gated community, let's talk services. Anything extra?

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    I live in the community on the Arbutus Ridge golf course where the Spa is located. She does provide good sensual massage with extra’s after a few visits... great place to live.

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    Is the picture real? How old is she and how much? Does she go naked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBlack69 View Post
    Is the picture real? How old is she and how much? Does she go naked?
    Ya pic is accurate. She is not young but really enjoys the happy part.... kinda hot

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