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Thread: Sensual Riley - A Class of Her Own

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    Sensual Riley - A Class of Her Own

    Like most hobbyists in Winnipeg, one of the first ladies that I became aware of from a local standpoint was Sensual Riley due to her overwhelmingly positive reputation here on Perb. I originally avoided contacting Riley early on as I felt that I just wasn't quite at her level as many reviews had indicated that she was very selective in her clientele. It wasn't until after a number of months and seeing a number of other SP's that I finally felt it was time to go for the Riley experience.

    Since that time I have seen Riley for a number of sessions, but have held off on writing a review as the majority of what I had previously ready indicated that things with Riley just continually seem to get better and I wanted my review to reflect a more broad experience.

    Everything that you read about Riley regarding her professionalism, personality, skill set and downright gorgeous appearance is absolutely true and frankly struggles to live up to how incredible she really is. From the first time that we met I knew that she was someone that I was going to need more of in my life as I was totally captivated by everything about her. Riley is the absolute definition of the GFE both in and out of the bedroom and while things just get better and better each time we're together she still has the ability to make me feel that same nervous energy that I felt the first time we were together. I have yet to meet another SP who can bring the same level of sensuality to a session that Riley brings each and every time and her understanding of what I like along with the way that she paces our sessions leaves me weak in the knees.

    We all get into this hobby with certain expectations of what it will be like and in all honestly I was never expecting anything like the experiences that I have had with Riley. I think back to the first time I read about Riley and my thought at the time that there is no way she could possibly live up to the "hype" surrounding her reviews, but now I just find myself thanking my lucky stars that I even get the chance to spend time with such an incredible person.

    For those that are interested in spending time with Riley, and I highly recommend you consider doing so, be aware that to court Riley requires more than just general pleasantries as respectful and gentlemanly communication will go a long way. Any other information surrounding Riley can be found via her ad here on Perb which is also linked below:

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    Hear, hear

    I look forward to a long-awaited appointment later this week!

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    Riley is a "friends with benefits" experience. Not a GFE or PSE or other acronym.

    A rare gem!
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