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    Pinkpink 5890

    Has anyone tried her?? Pictures looks fake. I tried a search. Nothing came up. Since Candy is gone now

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    she always seems fully booked there's bound to be someone with info

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    I wouldn't try her, she's young enough but that was the only good thing about her. facially, there are more attractive ones out there like bella 5890. she was very distant i think worst service from an sp i've seen. belly has stretch marks from pregnancy maybe. props to the handler though who forewarned me about her. will go back to this group though.

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    Thanks. You tried her out ??
    5/10 L??

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    Yeah unfortunately, I was trying to choose between her and Kara, I might have had a better time with kara

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    Anyone try Merry yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mudbaby View Post
    Anyone try Merry yet?

    she's Melody from before

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yolo604 View Post
    Has anyone tried her?? Pictures looks fake. I tried a search. Nothing came up. Since Candy is gone now

    I was her first customer when she was still there. I booked her as soon as I saw her photos because thats the type of body I like. Her pics were a accurate representation of her body. It was her first day and I was her first customer and they had apparently not told her to bring anything so she had no mouth wash, no towels on the washroom floor and limited supplies.

    Her service was mediocre as best but definately not the worst. She had a good blowjob technique. Unwilling to let me go for the DATY. Kissing was allowed. I think I had a better experience than others since I was her first customer.

    She told me that she wasn't looking forward to working because of how low the rates were in the group. She said she was used to an upscale place in Richmond that charged $500 minimum

    In terms of looks, face and body, she was the closest to my ideal. maybe a hair under 5'7, skinny but not boney and had a round ass (Very rare for skinny Asian!). I think she had natural B cups which is more than good enough for me. Despite the mediocre service I was more than happy to just get to look at her lol.

    I would totally go back to her if she ever appeared again. Truely my ideal body type and that matters to me a lot. I would compare her body to angelababy liu yi fei or fan bing bing. The chinese celebrity girl type.

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