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Thread: British Brooke - 5081

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    British Brooke - 5081

    Anyone see her and have any intel?


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    bump please!!

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    Seen her once and would very much repeat if I have the time. Very lovely gfe lady for sure. Dont mis the chance.

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    Seems like she's taken her ad down and missed my chance... damn! Next time. Thanks for the link Rocksitwell

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    There's a Madison that is using the same number?

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    I saw Brooke last week. She has left Vancouver and returned to London permenantly. Madison has taken over her #. Brooke said to look out for Madison’s ads on LL. She looks hott! Will let you know if I TOFTT...

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    Madison use to work at Luxux and now independent. She is only here a couple times a year and she is definitely my go to. I would highly recommend. She gorgeous and tones of fun. True GFE experience.

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