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    Mistress Damazonia - YYC

    Mistress Damazonia
    After seeing the super fierce pics of this beautiful dominatrix, and checking her very positive reviews online, I reached out to Mistress Damazonia via text and easily set up an appointment during her first visit to Calgary. Standard screening process requesting references, interests, preferred time etc. All very smooth.
    Good communication via text the day of appointment and met up in clean, basic downtown hotel.
    Mistress D greeted me looking exactly like the photos of her online (her Instagram has been shut down twice recently, but if you search around, you'll find numerous pics, all accurate, and very reflective of what you can expect) wearing fishnets and the exact outfit requested during our communication the week prior.
    Yes, she is tall. Very tall, in a commanding way, and powerfully beautiful. Her eyes alone are worth the price of admission.
    Mistress sat me down, got a feeling for what I was hoping to experience, and also got a feeling for my hard limits, which were all respected (even though she advised with disappointment that one of these was her favorite). Not to worry though, she found a plan 'B'
    Awesome balance between playfulness and sternness. Mistress is very capable and will certainly push your limits. She is very aware of her power, which she welds with confidence. She read me very well, and we had good fun together.
    Mistress Damazonia also has a wickedly wonderful sense of humour that I hope to enjoy more in the future. Laughing with a ball gag in my mouth, and a twinkle in her eye, was a brief respite from what was a sensual and very enjoyable first meeting.
    Thank you once again Mistress.
    Looking forward to your return.

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    Dying to know ... what was your hard limit that was her 'favourite'?

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    Also does she do an "assisted release"? aka handjob finish.

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