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Thread: Hailey 7505 - Barbie

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    Hailey 7505 - Barbie

    I was looking at the Vancouver Leolist and came across an ad for 23-year old Hailey 7505, with unbelievable photos...

    Then I saw, at the bottom of the page, a list other ads from the same person, from today, for:
    Ft.McMurray with 26yo Hailey,
    Lethbridge with 26yo Hailey, and
    Toronto with 22-year old Hailey.
    I am not too bothered with the different statement of age, but the 4 different cities at the same time smells fishy to me.

    The Lethbridge ad did say "Interact with me even when Im traveling and not available in person" and went on to list her fees for virtual interacton.

    What are your thoughts on this?

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    It's like a camgirl I guess

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