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Thread: "Pink Palace" up for auction (Pacific Inn Resort & Conference Centre)

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    Lightbulb "Pink Palace" up for auction (Pacific Inn Resort & Conference Centre)

    So south Surrey/White Rock's Pacific Inn Resort & Conference Centre is up for auction. However, many of you refer to it as the "Pink Palace" for its location as an incall for local and visiting SP's drawn to its pink stucco exterior. Auction is November 14 this coming Wednesday.

    My personal story was driving all the way from Vancouver and almost getting lost trying to reach this place. When I got there I was fascinated by the layout of the hotel. Central swimming pool surrounded on all sides by rooms three levels high. Themes galore, late 80's to late 90's. I remember lounging on the second floor lobby watching MILFs in the swimming pool while waiting for a SP to get ready. Hallways were labyrinth like.

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    I used to stay there when in town for business from out east years ago, as I worked for a company with a branch near by. The auction is for contents only, FYI, the property is being massively renovated/redesigned over the next 2 years or so and they are selling anything they can make a buck off of before demolition and remodeling begins.

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    Huh... when I first moved here that's what my roommate called the Safeway on Broadway and Macdonald. For a second that's what I thought this topic was about.

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    Seen lots of SP's there great place wish mort ladies would utilize the place very SP friendly
    Met Tia Lux there Marrisa and lots of other great gals plus they have great "day rates"

    Its undergoing a 25 million dollar upgrade should be nice when done...
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