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    Has anyone here seen her before and have any details on her

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    I've seen her. She's a smaller BBW. Curvy but in a good way if you like curves. Good personality. She does DFK, BBBJ and DATY. I would say the pictures in her ads are pretty honest. If you like what you see in her ads chances are good you'll like her in person.
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    I've had the pleasure of meeting Ivanna a few times and will certainly be going back to visit again

    Ivanna is under 5'5" and has curves that make my mouth water. Her location was easy to find and warm and welcoming although I'm too distracted by the potential of the playdate to pay much attention to the surrounding

    My last visit was a lunch time playdate arranged at fairly short notice but Ivanna has tended to be wonderfully flexible and accommodating. She is also very quick to respond which helps in such situations.

    I arrived and the door was answered by the lovely Ivanna herself in a tight fitting little black dress with some very revealing slits across the front. I was guided up to the bedroom and I knew in advance the financial aspect and left this on a dresser.

    We chatted about things that had happened since we saw each other last, this rapidly turned into a little cheeky and flirtatious chat while I undressed and Ivanna looked for one of her favorite toys. Our chat then turned to some hands on stroking and hugging and then some fairly passionate kissing with even more "involved" hand wandering and stroking.

    We moved to Ivanna's nice big bed and continued kissing and fondling and I kissed by way down her neck breasts and body to give Ivanna some oral entertainment. My efforts at DATY were well received and seemed to heighten her already erotic mood exponentially When I came up for air and to kiss again, Ivanna still laying on her back reached for her little toy and beckoned me upward and closer. She then started to give me some spectacular oral while using her toy. The experience was wonderful and the sight almost too much too take... certainly too much to take for very long. I had to stop the oral before I lost control and applied our little latex friend and initally assist the little toy with some oral before sliding back up to kiss and then progress to missionary play, from Missionary we played a little doggy where I lost all reasoned control and our very energetic workout ended very happily.

    I will be visiting again soon.

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    Oh my, what a review.��

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