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    Bentley. 0027

    Has anyone ever seen this girl Bentley? Would be interested if someone has.

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    I have sent her a text many times. She has never answered even once. Probably a fake.

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    Don’t waste your time she is an evil bitch!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thefisherman View Post
    Don’t waste your time she is an evil bitch!!!
    Did you actually see her? We texted back and forth a few times couple weeks ago as she needs to be "selective" but that is far as it went. Tried to book but no reply back.

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    Yes I have
    Do not go near her she will take you for a ride and it’s not a good one
    Trust me guys don’t waste your time

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    I also went back and forth on texts with her. Tried multiple times to set an appt with no answer. Then days later a text from her. I kinda told her that answering days later is not good practice. There are men that could be out with their families. And that they may be texting when it is best for them. She went off on me about wasting her time. If I dont hear back within a few hours. I would hope that the provider would not message at all till contacted again.

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