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Thread: LL ads tgtbt with Gmail contacts

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    LL ads tgtbt with Gmail contacts

    Ads like this one are so obviously fake. Tell tale characteristics are low hourly rates for a SP who is disproportionately young and hot; images featuring faces; and Gmail based contact information with no phone numbers. What are they advertising? Has anyone ever made contact to one of these ads leading to a successful encounter?
    Here’s another such ad:
    Same again with all of the tell tale chacteritics but LL verified?

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    I sent an email to a fake as a few years ago and they just try to get you to sign up for some scam dating website. I assume they make money off the website somehow. It must be a somewhat effective approach or the fake ads would stop. Annoying, but generally easy to spot.

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    "Verified" means fuck all on LL. Scammers steal pictures of real verified ladies and post them in fake ads.

    If the paper in the picture only says "Leolist" it could be anybody.
    Look for ads with the name od the person in the ad and their phone number. Name of the city is better.

    Any LL ad that looks even a little bit sketchy...forget it.
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