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Thread: Yuki on 5th vs Yuki on Yates?

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    Yuki on 5th vs Yuki on Yates?

    Are they different? How would you describe them both on looks and massage quality? Cost? I'm just looking for massage/HJ.

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    I haven't seen Yuki on Yates but have read many great reviews, she is massage and FS. I have seen Yuki on 5th several times, she is not FS but she gives a great massage with an amazing amount of teasing and build up to the final release. Let's just say she gets me hard and keeps me hard! She also has a set of wonderful firm breasts that I have thoroughly enjoyed. If you are happy with just a rub and tug I think you would be happy. She is probably in her 30's quite nice looking IMHO, nice skin. Only downside is no shower at her location.

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