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Thread: Duo with Jade & Rayanne @ BOA

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    Duo with Jade & Rayanne @ BOA

    okI have seen both Jade & Rayanne separately several times each & both have been utterly amazing each & every time! & they are both total sweethearts! I've never had an interactive duo, but always wanted to & thought these two would be a good match. So I took the plunge, &, Oh Man, am I ever glad I did!! These two were dynamite together!! First, I watched while they went at it together & WOW!! They were utterly fantastic together!! Then I joined in & they were at me as much as they were at me as much as they were with each other. With being with them both separately beforehand really helped a lot as they both knew the things I like. They both took turns kissing me while the other one did the other stuff to me. What a turn on!! They are both such good kissers & love to kiss! We finished with me being spent & feeling soo satisfied & good! Now I have the interactive duo crossed off my bucket list, I'm so glad it was with Rayanne & Jade! They were amazing together! It was not upcharged as an extra. I will definitely keep repeating with them separately as well, they both are utterly amazing! Every time I see each one of them, I keep leaving feeling sooo good & an extra bounce in my step & it lasts for days! They are both top notch sp's & two of my all time favourite sp's!! I love the rooms there, the insuite showers & fully stocked.

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    Jade is pretty amazing. Glad Rayanne is as well. Her pics look good. She's on the list for sure.

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    Jade is a smoke show and a consummate professional - enjoyed my time with her in the past immensely. Would not hesitate to rebook if and when I'm in the area. She's a blast, a great conversationalist, and blew my mind

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    Is Jade no longer @ BOA? Didn’t see her name listed when I last looked...

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    Jade is still at BOA. She is just taking a break right now. She will be back at BOA at some point in December.,
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    I see that Jade is back on BOA's roster now.

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