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    Cassandra Lord

    Her pictures are accurate but do her no justice. She is indeed the real deal.

    She's a french canadian petite spinner type with an amazing physique, a very professional attitude, a sexy french accent and a convenient location by the airport.

    Donation was 180 for a hh.

    I would most definitely visit her again.

    If you gentlemen visit her be sure to be nice, and maybe we'll be lucky enough to see her again.

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    Saw her today and I can agree her pictures don’t do her justice. One of the most attractive providers I’ve seen. Booked a hh session but left in 20 but that is only because I just couldn’t hold it. She has great technique. I wish I would have booked for an hour. I hope to see her again before she leaves.

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    She's around for 8 days unless her plans change based on what she told me.

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