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Thread: Lotusland Wellness

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahoy View Post
    Anyone know who is at Lotusland right now? I think Lily left a week or so ago
    Michelle and Mango.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jtidy View Post
    Does anyone there now offer more than HE?
    HE and body slide is about as far as you will get...

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    Has anyone seen Michelle or Mango? I'm heading up to Comox on Saturday and I was thinking of making a visit to Lotusland. Any reviews on these ladies? Are they aunties? Any extras offered? Thank you in advance!!!

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    Update to 9 Sep. Phone and ask "Who is there now?". Good news. Popular/reviewed Yuki says "I am back" And who else? Answer sounds to me like "Cherie/Cherry/Cherrie???which one?". Several possible. Sounds new at LLWC Courtenay to me. Also popular Michelle left early Sep to resume University. Hope someone can tell us more re Cherie.

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    Saw the newby on her first day. Mid 30’s - decent body - did this cool thing with her body slide - takes her chin and rubs it against your shaft - looks 6/10

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    Thanks Vim. Any comment on correct name, massage, HJ and communications?

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