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Thread: Have you ever walked away ?

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    Have you ever walked away ?

    I have only walked once and I feel bad about it because she seemed like a sweet lady ...and I guess i discriminated based off of age , she advertised as 35 but looked older ..anyway it's over and done with and no point in dwelling on the past .

    In contrast I have stayed a few times even if I suspect I might have been catfished for several reasons the first being i had already made the journey to the destination and didnt feel it was necessary to turn back now , another is even though she might not have been the lady in the ad she really wasnt bad looking at all ! Another and probably the more accurate reason is because I'm just a wild perv.

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    I've had one person walk away and that was okay with me. He wanted something I wasn't willing to do, he paid me for the inconvenience and left. No hard feelings and I enjoyed the rest of my day. We are grown up and if she was upset I am sure she has a support system in place.
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    I've waked away after first impression at the door and also during if the session wasn't going well.
    Always with respect and goodwill- never with condescension or disrespect. Being polite doesn't cost anything.
    When cutting a session short I haven't asked for any sort of refund. Sometimes a connection just isn't there.
    Except once- the service was continually atrocious despite my best efforts to just see it through at an Asian Micro in Langley several years ago. After about 10 minutes of terrible massage, a toothy semi-BJ and limp HJ attempt I'd had enough and had to leave. Called the handler, explained the sitch and suggested a percentage return. We split the difference and I went on my way. Still- with as much decorum as possible.
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    It is always nice to walk into a place, find a suitable provider and work it out. But that is not reality. Reality is that we are all individuals, and have different tastes. Every adventure is just that. Go shopping, assess the product from what is available, looks, intellect, odour, cleanliness, etc, and stay or politely and with courtesy, withdraw. I don;t venture into any area without care and respect, but in control that it is my decision to stay or not. we should all understand the game, no reason for hurt feelings. I don’t think a provider has to entertain everyone who shows up any more than I should be expected to stay in a place just because my foot went in the front door. Respectful on both sides.

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    Say what anybody will, but I factor in the Human side of us. That is why I don't have the heart to walk.

    I have only walked 4 times in my life.

    Twice at the Fox Den (Poppy, because she doesn't allow kissing), and Khalua.

    I am not a dog person (no bad wishes against dogs, but I just don't like them around at the incall), so I cancelled, but gave her some money for her time. She said I didn't have to, after I said "I might reserve a hotel," but I KNEW that I wasn't going to book her. I did feel bad about it, though. (that is why I often ask a lady, or a guy who has seen and reviewed her, if she has a dog at the incall)

    And, if you search my post with key words "baritone voiced auntie," that was my ultimate "walk" story. I felt so bad for her, I gave her two greens.

    And, knowing that I'M not handsome myself (although, I'm also not being hired and paid to show my body), it's very hard for me to "throw stones from inside my glass house."


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    I have no problem walking away.If the photos are fake then the promise of good service dont mean jack shit either.

    Walk away and save myself both money and a shit experience.


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    Walked away once. Probably should have stayed. She was nice but looked way older than her pics.
    Didn’t walk away twice and regretted it. So that’s it for me! Lol

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    I usually do enough research beforehand so that I won't have to walk away. I don't have the time and energy for that. And when in doubt, my communication prior to the date expresses what those doubts are, in respectful and kind language, so that the date gets cancelled by the SP if she is in any way mis-advertising what I have expressed doubts on. These, usually are not services in particular, but other physical and personal characteristics advertised which I may care about.

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    no but I actually should have a few times.
    I try to give the person the benefit of the doubt be a nice guy and all that.

    one time I would have but she had my money, and she was the most expensive high end escort I saw,
    but her web site said no refunds, she told me that to my face, and even mentioned a body guard. trying to scare me.
    which it didn't because he wasn't under the bed,

    the most money I spent and pretty much the worst encounter too,
    but I should have felt it coming,
    her website was full of warnings and no refunds etc etc,
    I should have clued in.

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    I have walked away once, it was a few years ago, I showed up to the lady's place, the hallway was dark when she opened her door, as i entered her apt I saw her for a few moments in the light, she looked to be 60 years old and was not at all attractive, I quickly asked if i could use the bathroom, pretended to get a call from work, gave her $50 for her trouble and left, she had advertised as 25.

    there was no way I was going to function for her at all, of course I was still horny and without any appt I called up the Fox Den, went on to have one of the best experiences I have ever had in this hobby with a gorgeous girl named GIA!!
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    Here in the valley I find myself walking away more often then I a m staying
    Ads are so deceiving
    Pictures of 22 year old models and yoir greeted at the door by a late 40s hasbin
    Or the stench of drugs and filth
    Missing teeth and poor personal hygiene
    Boyfriends in the next room
    And the newest issue I’ve been finding is cameras in the room

    all the while these women are charging top rates
    If I’m going to pay $200 and up they better well have a honest dicriptive ad with real and current photos

    Do I feel bad walking
    Hell no

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    Back when I first started seeing girls..
    I left a 2 hr appointment part way through the first hour.

    Pretty girl but she was high and the vib was uncomfortable for me . I don't get off on people high or acting strange .
    I never bother asking for any money back .I just excused myself and left.

    Another time a few yrs later a similar situation happened .
    She wanted a drink , and I was getting them from the receptionist at the agency. Well the girl I guess was drunk, or all so high and started action weired. I left after first hour of a 2 hr appointment.
    Never ran into that again as a client. Just sometimes when I was a driver .Those all so turned in to some bad experiences for the client and me .

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    ...lots of times.

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    Quite a few times. As far as I'm concerned, I don't owe them anything if I've been deceived.

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    I've walked six times over the past thirty five years or so, as far as i recall.

    Twice, the SP turned out to be transgendered. Whether pre-op or post-op, that's not my thing at all. IMO, transgendered SPs should advertise as such; there is a market for them.

    Twice, because their place was a pig sty.

    Once, because I saw needle marks on her arm.

    Once, because there was a baby in a crib in the room.

    I also kicked a lady of my hotel room in Edmonton when I caught her in the bathroom sticking a needle in her arm. In that case, I didn't ask for my money back, for safety reasons.

    I've declined two SPs at my hotel room door because of outrageous bait-and swiitches - a 55+ year old lady trying to pass as early thirties and a short, 200+ pound blonde when I was expecting a toned, 5'-8" black lady.

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