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    Dixie (6456)

    Has anyone seen Dixie from the 6456 group ? Still no reviews on her. She doesn't have the best pics and it's hard to tell but does she have thicker thighs ?

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    It is confusing that there is another girl in this group named Daisy but a member here said he reviewed Dixie as Daisy a while back.
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    Saw Dixie recently. Yes, she has thick thighs and big butt, also I would put her age at closer to late twenties. I've seen several of the 6456 girls. Usually they are a terrific experience, Dixie was a little disappointing.

    She was quite concerned about her makeup and hair, so that kind of took away from the experience. Personality was a little cold.

    I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the group as a whole, but would not repeat with her.

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    Thanks, m_clock. Yeah I never went to see her. Not into thick thighs and don't like it when SPs are cold or when they're too concerned about their makeup... I never have FS. So at least I want a girl who can show some passion and act nice for that one hour.
    This group used to be good but they're getting worse and worse. The only hot girl -IMO- to work there in the last year or two is Feather but she was only with them for a couple of months before she disappeared.

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