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Thread: CL still in Van?

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    Question CL still in Van?

    Are the Classy Ladies from Victoria still in Vancouver? Their website says unyil May 3, but it is now the 7th -- no update?

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    i know abbey and one other girl is still here. I think the rest went back.

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    From the lastest update on the IB site, it would seem most of what was left of Classy has jumped ship, as it were.

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    The CL incall house is now for rent in Vic...does this mean they no longer have an incall location?

    All the CL girls except for a few are now at IB...Kristy is one of the latest to make the move, along with a few other CL regulars (Selena and Pandora to name just a couple) are making up the IB roster, why didn't they just call the new agency CL: The Sequel

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    I heard Jenny is working at M.Cleos (can't confirm though)

    CL is pretty much run its course in Victoria.

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    Abbey and Jenny are now advertising on of all places. The number they have listed is the CL Vancouver number.

    Btw- I saw Pandora at IB recently. See told me not to be surprised if there was a IB Vancouver tour.

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    Monty Python

    Remember the Holy Grail movie?........bring out your dead.......not dead yet.
    It might be a little early to dig the grave. My guess is the CL website gets plenty of hits from out of towners and there is always fresh talent showing up in Victoria. I would not be surprised if Vicki is able to re-load. I wish her all the luck.

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    Name but no payables.

    My guess is that as a 'brand' Classy Ladies no longer has much value in Victoria but it would make sense for some enterprising madam to capitalize on the success of the Vancouver tours by opening a copy-cat agency with the same or similar name.
    Yes it is important to get the brand name and recognition in Vancouver, but without the accounts payables that would exist in Victoria.

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