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Thread: She’s hanging up her heels! Farewell Gerri 💋

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    She’s hanging up her heels! Farewell Gerri 💋

    The time has come — Gerri has decided to hang up her stilettos and retire from the business. She’s a fine lady with a zest for sex and she will surely be missed by many!

    I would like to cordially invite all of those that will miss her to say a final farewell. We are having an intimate celebration for Gerri on Thursday, October 25th from 6pm-10pm and since I have been off due to a minor injury, I will be helping to organize this event. This event is open to both ladies and gentlemen that would like to send her off with well-wishes of a happy future and celebrate her many years of dedication of being a great provider in this industry.

    Appetizers and a selection of beverages will be served. There will be a cover charge of $25 upon arrival. Ladies are exempt from paying a door fee. So come, relax, have fun and we will take care of the rest!

    Please send either PussyEater or myself a private message here on Perb to reserve your spot and inquire for more details.

    I hope to see some of you at the party!

    With love,

    Katerina xo

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    Gerri has had a ton of amazing reviews and unfortunately i never got the chance to see her.Would it still be ok to come to the party and say hello and have some fun?

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    Absolutely Booblover123! Everyone is welcome 😊

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    Hi Gerri looking forward to giving you a big hug

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    If there’s anything I can bring let me know xo ��

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    Sadly I will be away and can't make it. Been a few years since I've seen Gerri, I wish all the best. Had some great times.

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    Hot damn, that gives me a week to think up a good cover story!
    retired, not retarded

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