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Thread: Losing a bet, who,gets to watch?

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    Losing a bet, who,gets to watch?

    We closed up the in-laws cabin this weekend.
    Long story short, I lost a bet and as a result had to do a nude “walk of shame” down a path along some of the cabins. Nothing sexual just a walk from point a to b.

    My sister in law was present for the challenge part of the bet and ran back to the cabin to alert everyone what had happened. When I worked my way towards the family cabin some of my gf’ ‘s family were on the dock to witness the spectacle.

    My gf is mad and felt they should not have watched out of respect. My in laws said if you don’t want people to see you naked then don’t make bets that involve nudity.

    Although I’m shocked they were present in not upset. I lost a bit of money and was slightly embarrassed. No harm no foul.

    Are you it’s team gf or team in laws?

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    I'm on your team. Took a lot of balls - the size of melons - to follow through on such a bet. It seems like you're laughing at it. So who gives a fuck about your GF or your in-laws.


    The balls.

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    Good job!!! What fun is it if no one sees lolol team inlaw all the way
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    I see examples of humility and fortitude on your behalf.

    Well done and bravo!

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    Your gf shouldn't be mad. Usually the whole point of a bet like that is for others to watch with a laugh at your expense. Is she mad you took the bet or because others came to see?

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    Sounds to me that the bet was made with one person- who then chose to make it much more public.
    I can see your GF's POV- but a bet's a bet and you did what you needed to do.
    What's the point in being publicly nude if there isn't at least a wee bit of humiliation involved?
    Glad you had some fun with it!
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    What’s with all the prudes these days?
    Just a bit of nude fun. Our natural form.
    No embarrassment or body shaming needed.
    Hell, lets celebrate our naked moments.

    I’d do the walk without losing the bet.
    Wiggle my hips at any gawkers.
    Ya baby! Shake yo bootie.
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    No problem here, just as long as you just hadn't returned from cool dip in the lake.

    Y'all come back now,

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    IMHO the only problem would've been if they saw it even though they didn't want to, or you were seen even though you didn't want to be. Short of that, there's nothing to be offended about.

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    Even my Grandmother would have laughed or not watched...
    Pleas do tell the basis of the bet?
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    It was close up weekend at the cabin. Lots of cabins had trees to cut down, and one of the neighbors bought a gas powered log splitter so everyone went to check out the new toy. As a joke I did a race against the splitter, and lost. We all laughed.
    Julie, a very slight woman said she couldn’t beat the machine but could beat me. A challenge was made as to who could split 5 logs faster, and everyone threw in some cash into a used coffee tin. Winner takes the cash.
    I said to Julie I have nothing to lose so game on. Someone suggested that the loser gets boated to the last dock and walk the path completely nude. We both agreed, and I lost the challenge, much to my shock.

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    You're a good sport, Bean!

    If your GF gives you any further issue about it, draw on all your acting skills to tearfully demand why she didn't volunteer as tribute to do the walk of shame in your stead. If she cares so much about it... ;)

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