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Thread: New to town, is there anyone I should watch out for?

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    New to town, is there anyone I should watch out for?

    I'm new to town and new on perb I joined in Hope's to avoid any bad or awkward situations. I had gave up on past attempts to meet up with providers due to numerous bad experiences ranging from meeting with drug addicts in dirty hotel rooms to meeting with woman that just took my money and asked me to leave. That being said is there anyone that I should avoid or beware of, or maybe anyone that I could be recommended to I would like to see a few girls and then stick with one regular. Also I prefer brunettes that can provide an incall location. My main goal here is to avoid any undesirable situations as I dont want to waste my time and money, I will also take the time to reveiw the woman I encounter....

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    Ava Belle ( is easily the best provider I have seen here since I started seeing her early last year. I have reviewed her, too, if it helps:

    She is Kelowna based, so she isn't in town all the time, but she's worth keeping an eye out for on Leolist. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!
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    Thank you I will definatly be booking with her next time she comes through! Until then I do have a few ladys in mind I think I will try booking with one of them tonight. The ladys I have in mind are Lexy, Lola, Helen, and riley. So unless some one gives me a reason to beware of any of them I plan on seeing and reveiwing them all within the next couple weeks. Wish me luck!

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