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Thread: Mistress Damazonia is Absolutely Perfect!

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    Mistress Damazonia is Absolutely Perfect!

    I was visiting Vancouver recently, and happened upon Leolist and from there found Mistress Damazonia.

    In short, she is the BEST DOMINATRIX I have ever seen! She is tall, with an incredible body. Her legs go on forever, and her outfits beautifully display them to a poor helpless slave on his knees in front of her. If you can tear your eyes away from her awesome thighs and hips, all encased in leather, you'll pass over a tight, flat stomach on the way to some of the most heavenly curves you will ever see. Her breasts filled the leather bra to bursting, which pretty accurately describes what was happening in my balls as I gaped at her. Her face is nothing short of beautiful, and the sly, "I know I've got you" smile is just intoxicating. But her eyes! Oh my god her eyes can enslave all on their own! Her pictures don't lie, unless you take into account that they are a dim reflection of this perfect woman.

    Mistress was kind enough to accept a role play scenario from me, and I have to say she carried it out way beyond my expectations. She did everything I could have possibly hoped for, and took it to the next level. Not only that, if she did not truly enjoy herself during our time together, then she needs to be on next year's Oscars. She was PERFECT!

    My scenario was that I was the boss that had been forcing women at the office to give me a bj in order to get ahead, and now I was showing up at her place to collect my prize. She ambushed me coming out of the shower, and physically overpowered me. I really was trying to resist, but with her strength she soon had me in cuffs, gagged, and collared.

    She played the whole scenario beautifully, teasing me to within an inch of cumming over and over, smothering me with those sexy thighs and ass. All the while she made it clear that I was going to be the office bitch from here on, laughing at my predicament. She spanked me and paddled me, making me crawl around behind her. She was laughing at me the whole time, taunting me for even thinking I could have a woman like her on my own terms.

    The intensity of the session was high, but nothing compared to what happened next. I was still trapped in her smothering box, gagged, with my cuffed hands chained to my balls, and 'forced' to masturbate as she stood above me and slowly put on her strapon. My god I will never forget that view. All boot and leg and leather, her breasts jutting out proudly, and then that cock! Kneeling down, she removed my gag, prettied me up with bright red lipstick, and then proceeded to fuck my throat! She was merciless! She was perfect!

    I had told her in my scenario that I had always been obsessed with strapons, but was concerned I'd not be able to take it, or would find it painful or uncomfortable. In other words, I told her I was a virgin and I wasn't sure I wanted to go that far. I said maybe she could just threaten it, and make me beg for mercy.

    When she had enough of feeding the strapon into my gagging throat, she forced me up onto the bondage bench and lubed me up. I was nervous beyond belief, and have also never been so turned on in my life. She took me, raped me, - fucked me with that strapon like I was her little fuck toy, which is of course exactly what I was. This woman took my virginity, and did it in a way that was actually truly dominating. How she knew to push that particular limit, I don't know, but she will now forever be to me the woman that made me her bitch in the most perfect way a woman can do that to a man. The best part is she seemed to really, truly, love pegging me. I don't think she wanted to stop. The sight in the mirror of her, dressed in leather, tall and commanding, laughing all the while she was thrusting into me, that is an image I will remember for years! Did I mention she is PERFECT!

    Once she was finished turning me into her little bitch, she sat on her throne, made me kneel in front of her and suck on the strapon while I jerked myself off. She commanded me to look up at her, into her eyes, as she expertly instructed me to speed up, then wait, then to cum on the count of three, all while struggling to breath with a mouthful of cock. Perfect again!

    A small point perhaps, but meant a lot to me, -Mistress greeted me a the door with her hair up, - you can see many pictures of her this way on Instagram etc. She is awesomely gorgeous like this, and frankly looks like she means business, (which she most certainly does). But what blew me away was that she had taken it down and let it flow freely for our entire session. She was well beyond gorgeous!

    This woman owns me now. It will be difficult to see her much, as I live in another city, but I will find a way. Till then I will honour her daily, kneeling before her pictures on the web and offering up what she already owns.

    Mistress, thank you for the wonderful experience. You truly are a perfect Dominatrix!

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    What an incredible journey and review. Thank you so much for writing such detail.I really must see Mistress Damazonia now. What a lucky sub you were, and thanks for sharing! I do travel and always look for doms when I do. Feel free to PM me to compare notes for other cities.

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    Me again. As I noted in my review above, I live in another city, so do not expect to see Mistress Damazonia often. As it happens though, she visited my city shortly after, (like 10 days after), the session I spoke of above. Naturally I had to see her!

    She was completely booked before I even knew she was coming, so I was tortured throughout her 3 days here with the prospect of missing her ... I was truly going crazy, and probably driving her a little nuts with my constant pleas to fit me in on a moment's notice if she had a cancellation. I don't know this for a fact, but I'm pretty sure she just decided to work a little late on her last night in town, just to allow me to see her. Mistress, I can't tell you how much I appreciate that consideration!

    I decided I should not go empty handed, so I went to an adult shop with nothing in particular in mind, but I found this ....
    ... in pink, just like the picture. More on that later.

    The time came at last, and I rode up the elevator so nervous I was shaking. The door opened, and this is what I saw .. it's an image she took earlier that day and posted to Instagram

    I was helpless from the second I saw her, falling to my knees and practically drooling at the sight of her. The self imposed chastity I'd put myself in just made it that much more intense, my poor cock desperately struggling to escape.

    Within minutes of the shower she had manhandled me into position on the floor of her hotel room, by this time gagged, and with an evil restraint on my balls that allowed her to easily stretch them, leash them, and just generally keep me under her control. Once again I was in heaven, treated to the sight of those breasts, legs, thighs and ass as she lowered herself and then smothered me completely. As if that was not enough, this time her panties were thin cloth, - she wore leather last time - very erotic, but this was something else again. I could see through the cloth, and was pretty sure she was completely clean shaven. She didn't need to tell me twice to start jerking my pathetic little cock for her, with my face pressed right against her barely covered pussy. She wiggled and rode my face for quite some time, and despite the difficulty breathing, I just did not want it to end.

    It amused Mistress to drag me around the whole suite for a while, making me crawl backwards as she yanked the cock-leash, laughing and giggling at my struggles the whole time. The picture tells the whole story ..

    But we both knew this was all just fore-play. The first time I saw her, I was curious and wanted to explore strapons, but was pretty nervous and not sure how far to allow it to go. Mistress took control of that situation and introduced me to this incredible form of femdom, and now there was no going back. We both knew that tonight's session was going to be all about her fucking me. I wanted it this time, desperately. But even more, I truly wanted to please her, and she is simply awesome enough that she made me feel that the way to please her was to surrender myself completely, and 'allow' her to take my body.

    And oh my god did she ever take me! She had me on the bed on all fours. She had me on a chair in front of two mirrors watching her go crazy on me. She had me chained to the taps of the sink while she bent me over and screwed me. She literally picked me up from the chair, carried me to the bed and threw me onto my back. Then she climbed onto the bed too, on her knees, and grabbing the belt handles she dragged me up onto her thighs, impaling me on the strapon! I was being thrown around like some little fuck doll, totally at her mercy, and loving every thrust!

    If you're wondering about the belt handles, here is a video of the sex belt in use ... go to about the 10 minute mark to see what happened to me ...

    Just when I thought it could not get more intense, she paused. She went to her stash, and she got an even bigger dildo! I was graduating to another level! I was scared, but also I was so proud, and wanted so much to please her. She took it easy on me to start, but soon had me stretched and crying out like a little bitch with every thrust she took.

    I know it would never happen, but even if in another universe a pathetic old man like me was allowed to enter a woman like her, it would not be the same. I think I truly have to say I would rather be her slut, her whore, her bitch. I was roughly thrown around, impaled, violated, and repeatedly penetrated. Mistress takes the complete role reversal of female penetrating male, and makes it the most natural thing in the world.

    She wore me out, which is pretty amazing given I'm in pretty good aerobic shape, and let's face it, she was doing way more athletic maneuvers than I was -). When she finished, she made me worship her lower body, starting at her feet, up those maddening thighs, and then to the strapon. Yes, she made me deep throat it after she fucked me with it, and I was so helplessly horny, aroused and frankly in love with her that I sucked it like a true slut, trying very hard to gain her approval. This woman had me body, heart and mind!

    But she wasn't done ... she made me crawl into the shower, and then she squatted over me. I held my breath as once again her thighs ass and pussy hovered over me, only this time her fingers drew the whispy cloth aside and there she was ... inches away from my face. My god she was beautiful! I knew she intended to pee all over me, and I really wanted it. Unfortunately she really didn't have anything stored up to put on me, but on the other hand, she tried for several minutes. You can imagine the view, her sweet lips so close to my mouth, her fingers roaming over the lips trying to encourage an emission. It was all I could do not to cum. But of course I didn't, my cum is hers now and I would never cum except on her command. Eventually she gave up on the pee, and commanded me to cum into my free hand. I had a pretty good idea why, and sure enough, soon I was eating my own cum in front of her. The thought that she had intended for me to wash that down with her pee still gives me goosebumps!

    We talked a little after my shower, and I was impressed again what truly intelligent woman Mistress is. She once again surpassed my expectations, and this time they were sky high.

    I can't wait to see her again.

    Mistress, thank you! For the sessions, for being so caring and awesome, and also for reading all my drivel, (Mistress has noted, as no doubt all of you have, that I do tend to carry on and write very long messages).

    I will remain your bitch,
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    Now an awesome review. Ya took me there. And i liked it. Miss Damazonia has a visit scheduled for Edmonton very soon. I have sent in my plea for permission to serve......I am hoping she takes pity on an old beat up sub. MERLites unite!
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

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    Trying this again, as I don't think my reply took ... apologies if it is a repeat ..

    If you liked the review, you are going to LOVE Mistress! She really is amazing!

    I hope you get to see her, and if you do, please say hi from her Toronto bitch - she still owns me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sl_yar View Post
    Trying this again, as I don't think my reply took ... apologies if it is a repeat ..

    If you liked the review, you are going to LOVE Mistress! She really is amazing!

    I hope you get to see her, and if you do, please say hi from her Toronto bitch - she still owns me!
    Well I have an appointment next week. I am excited....nervous....trepidatious....a whole gamut of emotion. But, isn't that the thrill of any of it. Anticipation. I look forward to writing my review and decompressing that way. I doubt I will remember to say hi on your behalf though. Likely more struggling to keep my footing from the sounds of it. She seems elegantly fierce.
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

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    If you've read my other two reviews above, you know I am beyond smitten by this complete Goddess of a woman. I saw her again recently, - here's how it went.

    Mistress is incredible at role plays, and this time I asked her to play a scenario where this was my first day as her live-in, 24/7 slave. My duties would be to buy her a house, live in the dungeon in the basement, pay all her bills, and do all the cleaning, laundry, cooking, as well as personal services like massage, errands, take her shopping - anything she wanted. I would be beaten regularly, and teased and denied to the point of madness. My cock was to be placed in a cage, with the only key dangling enticingly between those magnificent breasts,- a constant reminder that the one way I really wanted to serve her, - to kneel between her silky thighs and be her oral slave, - would never ever happen. My life was to one of total drudgery and pain, whipped up by an insatiable but never to be satisfied desire for her.

    We had two hours together, and she played me beautifully, from the first minutes of sensual foot worship, to the inevitable leashing of my balls, to the strapon fuck while bound and helpless. At the end, as I suffered the humiliation of stroking myself to her command and lubricated by her spit, I truly did not know if I would be allowed release. I'd been degraded, emasculated, and driven insane by her awesome body. She had me, body, mind and soul!

    But a funny thing has happened in the week or so since I saw Mistress. I realized that I really did want the fantasy, though obviously could not have it with Mistress Damazonia. So I decided to try an experiment at home.

    Yesterday was saturday, and I spent the entire day cleaning the house, doing the laundry, shopping for the groceries, and I wouldn't let my wife lift a finger to help. I told her to relax and do the things she wanted to do. After cooking her dinner and cleaning up, I went to watch my favourite team in an important game. When she came in the room, I grabbed the remote, switched the PVR to one of her shows that I am not particularly fond of, and then with my heart in my throat, I knelt in front of her and began to massage her feet.

    Long story a little shorter, later that night we ended up in bed, and I insisted on giving her oral for the longest time, and when I entered her I told her I didn't want to cum until she was ready, until she told me to. She wasn't exactly dominating me, but I was certainly submitting to her.

    She's sleeping now, and I am going to mop the kitchen floor and clean the bathrooms. I wonder when she will figure out she has a slave? When she does, I will confess I want her to put me in my place, and allow me the pleasure of serving her.

    And it all started with Mistress. Thank you Mistress Damazonia, for the sessions, for your expertise, for your awesome beauty, sexuality and power. I think you may have changed my life!

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    I'm seeing Miss Jasmine and Miss Damazonia (first time sessioning with Damazonia) this weekend for a duo session. Wish me luck!

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    You lucky bastard! Make sure to tell us all about it.

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    Do you guys have any information on how to get in contact with Mistress Damazonia? I've sent in an application a few days ago but haven't received a reply. Not sure if I'm just too excited after reading all these reviews and have no patience, or have done something wrong.

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