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Thread: Tantric massage?

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    Tantric massage?

    Im thinking about trying a Tantric massage. Anyone ever done it before and care to share their experience, PM or on this thread. .

    Looks like there are a few places that offer it in town, anyone have a recommendation? There is a newer place called green heaven massage in lower mission that looks quite inviting, shes advertising on Kijiji and Facebook. Any advise, recommendations, or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated. Muchas Gracias

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    Whatever you do , do not go see Kim. Horrible experience. Not sure about the Green Heaven, thought that it was for Penticton.

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    Ya I’ve read enough bad reviews on here to know to avoid her, although there have been a couple good ones so makes you wonder. Either way I won’t be finding out ��. Green heaven looks like it opened a few months ago in lower mission, I’m not aware of one in Penticton.

    The lady I’m thinking of has been advertising on Kijiji under “massage”

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    Thanks. Just saw that the address is in Kelowna. Her photo"s look very tempting. Definately going to be worth a visit soon. Let me know if you stop by or pm me.

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    If I see her I’ll write a review.

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    I tried Green Heaven Massage a couple weeks ago. She's very eastern European if that's your thing. Massage was light but intimate. She doesn't want you touching her in the fun zones

    The tantric aspect of it was cool -- but she gets a bit obsessive about following her breathing.

    Overall enjoyed the experience. She had a special on with a 25% discount. For full price I probably wouldn't repeat.

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    Good to know, thanks for the review!

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