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    Different Seven

    Let me start this by saying, this is my personal review of Seven. And by no means that I'm saying that the other reviews of her are wrong. Like every other SP's, it's a YMMV thing. So I booked Seven as it was stated that she was extending her stay. I wanna see what's all the hype is about. I would say I have my fair share of ladies from the two agencies we have here. Some I have reviewed and others didn't bother to.
    With that said, I didn't get the same hyped services she gave to most members here. She seems disoriented right from when she opened the door. The shower was long and awkward and consumed half of my time there. She seems edgy and a bit snappy. She asked why do I look at her so much but who am I suppose to look at? She was very restrictive and everything was awkward. We did two positions, doggy and missionary and she reminded me that we only have five minutes left. It wasn't my fault in the first place as it was all consumed in the foreplay that I didn't even enjoy. Like what I said, I have seen a lot of this visiting micros and never had this kind of problem. Maybe we just didn't or she was having an off day.
    Sad to say, but the hype was just hype, for me at least.

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    Just curious, but was this your first time seeing her?
    Personally I think she's tired and wants to go home.

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    She has been here for at least 4 times. And I saw her at least 12 times in total. For all the appt I had with her, the shower always took 15 to 25 min which i enjoyed. Also, my apts were always 2 hr plus. I am planning my final visit now ... too sad she will be gonne for good.

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    I saw Seven today. The shower was long, interesting and quite pleasing and i had lots of time. She is definitely tired considering she must have got half of Winnipeg lined up to fu## the daylights out in the last few weeks she has been here.

    However, I must admit that this was definitely something you do not experience with a typical VIP touring girl. My ATF is Haruko and Seven was definitely very special. I wish her well as she has pleased soooo many and has quite a fan following.

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    @fukenfresh ... that doesn't sound like Seven to me at all. You would know if it was Seven if the girl you saw had abs of steel. I've never met anyone in my life with harder abs. Not an ounce of fat on her waist. I've seen her 5 times over the last year and a bit and never has she been how you've described. I'm sorry your experience didn't pan out.

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