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Thread: Casey doll 1863

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    Casey doll 1863

    Just saw that Casey is back on LL...anybody seen her lately?
    I miss her face fucking dirty talk Greek sessions..

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    Backdoorlover do you happen to remember what city she posted in or what her ad title said?
    I looked for her ad but she must have taken it down.

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    I thought she retired at least a year ago?

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    Casey used to be a regular because of her all inclusive PSE menu. I saw her just before summer, she's gotten bigger to the point of small BBW. Greek wasn't as welcome as before.

    She was very punctual for a change though.

    I haven't seen her again and likely won't as I like spinner to athletic girls.

    Try Maya 0029, she was a lot of fun and similar offerings.
    I'm not as good as I once was.......But, I'm as good as I was once, (AT LEAST!!!).

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