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Thread: Maria de Montreal - edging queen

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    Maria de Montreal - edging queen

    After reading about the edging oral experience with Maria I had to try it for myself. It's everything it's cracked up to be. Great technique, perhaps some of the best I have enjoyed in my life - just slight point deduction for not being as sloppy as I like. The DT was strong, powerful. It was nicely paced and my knees were quivering for the last 15 minutes and then for 20 minutes after.

    Maria was a lady of few words, attacking me with a hard make out session as soon as I stepped in. Not a lot of dialogue during but she needed no guidance from me! We had a nice little chat in the cuddle time though. She is sweet and seems genuinely caring.

    Venue was a downtown hotel, of the business-stay grade and setup over text was easy.

    I will say this as well, Maria was about the only French lady I have met who was on time ( none of this "5 minute honey?"), fully engaged and focused on delivering everything I requested. I never saw her phone once, she gave me the full hour. As a bonus, she is a non-smoker, man, is that ever nice!

    She’s here until the 24th of Sep if folks are interested.

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    As someone who occasionally enjoys a session entirely focused on oral I can definitely attest to everything in MB's review above. Maria's skill and stamina in using her mouth to get you to the brink and keeping you there for nearly an entire hour is an experience like no other.

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