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Thread: Coralie French....OFF THE CHARTS!!!!!

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    Coralie French....OFF THE CHARTS!!!!!

    I recently returned from my first encounter with the amazing Coralie, although I have yet to come back down to earth.
    I have had the good fortune of spending some memorable and wonderful times with other ladies that provide services to us willing clients, but I can say with 100% certainty that none of them compared to my experience with Coralie.
    Although I cannot find enough superlatives to describe my experience with Coralie, I will attempt to summarize it herein.
    Communications were very efficient via text. When I arrived for my scheduled appointment Coralie called me to advise her room number. This practice is becoming more common as girls attempt to avoid fakes and no-shows.
    I was welcomed into the room by a vision of loveliness clad in an amazingly seductive lingerie/dress and high heels. We hugged and kissed as if we were long lost lovers. She teasingly said, “don’t worry…I won’t break” and I hugged her with renewed vigour.
    Coralie is tall and petite and the outfit that she wore displayed a pair of legs that are quite simply “to die for”!!
    She has sweet “Doe eyes” that captivate you and make it nearly impossible to look elsewhere. Unfortunately this quality cannot be portrayed in her pictures but believe me when I say that you will most definitely be struck by the size, beauty and warmth of her eyes.
    Coralie pays close attention to detail and takes special steps to make the environment warm and inviting. She even wraps the lamps with red scarves to give the room a soft warm glow.
    We shared some wine and talked as we sat on the couch. Coralie would hold and squeeze my hand when she became animated about a story she was sharing.
    We had so much in common and so many things to talk about that the time quickly flew past. When we realized how much time had already passed, Coralie stood up and led me toward the bed.
    Out of respect for this lovely young lady I will not share the specific details of our encounter, but I will say that several of the things that Coralie and I shared were like none other I have ever experienced. She is an enthusiastic and fully engaged lover who does absolutely everything in her power to ensure that you are satisfied.
    Her skin is incredibly soft and kissable. She says on her website that she loves to kiss and that may be the greatest understatement of all. She kisses like a truly impassioned lover, tender & soft mixed with deep & urgent. I can never get enough kissing and Coralie seemed to be completely in synch with my desires.
    When at last I rolled over in an exhausted and spent heap, she tenderly cleaned me up and then snuggled with me as my heartbeat returned to a somewhat normal level.
    I was never rushed, and Coralie was always 100% engaged with me.
    I fear that no matter how much I write here, I will never be able to do justice to the experience that I shared with Coralie. I will simply reiterate that it was like NOTHING I have experienced with the other SP’s I have seen. On a scale of 1 to 10, this girl is simply off the charts!!!

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    Great review. Sounds like one of the ladies that takes what she does serious. It's extremely refreshing to know there are still these ladies out there. Seems to be far and few between. This board helps a lot I have found. Sounds like she is one to make sure to see. Hopefully she has had good experiences here and will continue to come back. Perhaps I can speak for everyone when I say "stand up miss coralie and take a bow". Sounds like elite status to me.

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