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    Thumbs down Capri - 34 DDD

    I met Capri (also goes by Exotic Gia) 3 days ago at the Hilton. I saw her ad on Leolist

    The pictures are real and she does have enormous tits, slightly saggy but they're real so what would you expect. I'd consider her a butter face though, and her curves aren't as flattering in person.

    So lets get into it... I showed up at the hotel, she welcomed me in a lukewarm manner. She asked for the funds right away stashed it in another room and asked me to strip and get on the pull out couch bed (Incredibly uncomfortable as you can imagine).

    She didn't tease, didn't look me in the face at any point and proceeded to start tugging on my john in the most lackadaisical way ever. I mean, it seemed like a chore for her. I tried to make the best of it by rubbing her ass and her enormous tits which was enough to get me excited. once the rock was hard enough, she proceeded to perform CBJ on me as requested, she also got the tits involved my request. it was allsub par at best, after having enough of it I told her I was ready for the main course and she got on all fours on this uncomfortable-ass pull out bed and i got in from behind. Her moans were as real as $2 bill and she could barely keep an arch. I was underwhelmed to say the least. After almost pulling my back muscles from trynna work with this shitty position on the shitty bed, I asked her to ride me and I was hit with "I don't ride at all". Something in me snapped at that point, I proceeded to rail her in her preferred (Doggy) position as hard as I could until i climaxed. I booked a hh and the session was over in about 20mins.

    I'll never book again, in fact there are too many lackluster girls out there that I would like to give up these exchanges all together. She may be exciting for someone else, but she wasn't for me.

    Final ratings: Body - 7/10 , Face - 5/10 , Enthusiasm - 2/10 , Heated Session - 3/10. Overall rating 4/10.

    Hope this helps.... First review done!

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    I also got my lesson from the other provider last time. I don't trust anyone on Leolist. You should find some well-reviewed SP in the board.

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    I'm not sure why archive doesn't show pictures anymore?
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    That's enough diagnosing Doctors. Thread closed.

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