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    Question Carla 7119

    Ok Lads
    Just back... but I gotta ask... real or fake pics?
    At NS today. Had fun

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    Seen her pics around for a while now. Seems like the agency, CoverGirlEscorts has been around for a few years now, but I've yet to find a single review. Their site format/interface is also horrible imo.

    Anyone used this agency before?

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    I did, a couple years ago. It's a dice roll what they send you. Pictures are not the girls they send.

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    they are too expensive imo.i tried to get one to hang out a public.thats all.i like hour by hour.why get stuck? - imo -
    they wanted me to rent a room for 250 in the casino hotel in order to send her over.
    i said its out in public?? on the weekend??the place was packed.
    they said nope.unless they had a room number they could not send her.
    i was spending about 5 grand tops gambling/entertainment.
    yet i could not buy company lmfao.and i mean 100% hangout on the casino floor.
    google has the other better answers.
    i had a lovely evening talking and gambling and having dinner.
    so, 5 grand,4 hours, went home with 2500 had a great evening.
    you do the math.

    there are some great ones at covergirl(truly) covergirl doesn't deserve my business imo.
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