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Thread: Nicole LL 6869

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    Nicole LL 6869

    Any intel on this girl?
    she's handy downtown so thinking of hittin her up for one of her handys. has anyone tried her?

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    I'd be a little bit concerned that Nicole's LL ad is predominantly a cut & paste of Brigit on Burrard 1594 current ad:

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    agreed... she even left Brigit's name in one of her ads.. so I thought the same thing. THought maybe they worked together... but found out that their locations are actually different.

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    BUMP? any new intel? Thinking of checking her out tomorrow.. but thought I would check one more time before I do.
    In case there is someone out there that can save me some time and $$$!

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    update.. tried to see her today.. but not getting any response. Was going to TOFTT, but sorry fellas.. looks like not going to happen today.
    Now the question is, what is best d/t alternative. Any thoughts for non-FS d/t?

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