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    Anyone have info on Singapore Kimberly visiting Nanaimo Sept 17/18 and Comox Sept 19th? Certainly looks interesting. Thanks

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    Wondering too

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    She certainly looks too good to be true.

    A search for her phone number turns up many ads in AB and BC, on backpage and Leolist, going back a year or more, but no reviews on PERB anywhere. One *** review for that phone number from November 2016, but no name is given.

    You pays your money and you takes your choice...

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    Yes my research showed same thing, ads in Alberta but no reviews. Strange. She seems to be travelling with Japanese Yuki (very similar ads) One would think two gorgeous women would have reviews, good or bad!

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    There are lots of reviews on *** reviews. Of the many I read, the majority were positive. The most common is the pic is not actually her(surprise surprise) but that she is attractive and likely in here late 20s. Overall the reviews I read said the pics were reasonably similar to her look/body type. I'm tempted but her rate is a bit on the high side for me.

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    Thanks boggitypop, not a member of *** but will be soon.

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