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    Katrina doll

    A bit late as she left town before the weekend but I notice she’s back quite often so just wanted to leave my recommendation. Communication by text was super easy and prompt and she was able to accommodate at a nice hotel near the airport even though I needed a late night slot (I think it was just after 1am
    And she said if you let her know she schedules until about 3). Opened the door with a smile
    In an outfit I requested, looks just like the pictures. If you know her ads you know what that means, pink hair and a fat ass that she loves to twerk and show off. Everything safe, good bj until the main event where she was enthusiastic and went through whatever position I wanted until I told her to make me pop and she obliged. Rates very reasonable for a a Montreal girl, which are my favourite, and if I’m drunk and horny next time she’s in town there’s no reason why I wouldn’t reach out for another late night appointment.

    Fun to chat with before and after, dfk and bangs you like she wants it and doesn’t watch the clock, not sure what else you need.

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    Nice Review.
    She's definitely one that catches your eye with her pictures as the pink hair and that booty just seem to pop, probably even more so in person.

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    again no link

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    Apologies but Like I said she’s already out of town so no I didn’t go back looking for the link, but she’s pretty easy to pick out with the pink hair and rap video ass. When she’s back you’ll see her ad go up that’s her haha

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