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Thread: Scam alert - cute Monica on Leo List

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    Scam alert - cute Monica on Leo List

    Just wanted to warn people to stay away from Monica, who advertises online services on Leo List. I paid her to get her Snapchat and never heard from her again. I knew I was taking a risk and it wasn't a large amount of money, but still...

    Here is a link to her ad:

    Anyway, if anyone can recommend some authentic online service providers, I'd appreciate it.

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    Her ad is all stolen pictures.
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    Oops! I just got scammed too. Dang. 647-801-0489 is the # guys.

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    May I suggest reporting the ad on Leolist in the hope that we can save others from this Scam? Just a thought. Peace & Happy Thanksgiving! So much to be grateful for. ����������

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